Monday – A Good Day for Creativity

Creative Friends

Creative Friends

Creativity is not just about producing something
novel and useful.  It also seems to be linked to a
sense of purpose.  Human beings long to make
connections and expand the meaning of our
lives.  Creativity is a powerful way to do this
because it makes new things possible.

~Rex Jung~

It’s Monday, a new week starts, a perfect time for embarking on my journey into water colors.  Today I start a two-day workshop in water-color painting.  I’m excited and a bit apprehensive since I will be the only student with no previous experience.  Beginner’s mind is needed!

If your mind is empty, it is always ready
for anything, it is open to everything.
In the beginner’s mind there are many
possibilities, but in the expert’s mind
there are few.

~Shunryu Suzuki~

Note:  I thought the above photograph was fitting for a quote about creativity because Carol and Galen are two of my beautiful friends who follow their passion for art, who make art a priority in their lives, and encourage me to do the same.

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